Loan Schemes
Rate of Interest

Personal Loan (Secured / Unsecured)

Personal need

From 14.00% to 15.00% p.a.

Housing Loan
Purchase/Construction of house.
10.50% p.a.
Gold Loan
Personal need
12.50% p.a.
Loan against L.I.C. / N.S.C./ Kisan Vikas Patra /  Fixed Deposit.
Personal need
14.50% p.a.

Business Loan

1) Cash Credit

2) Term Loam

3) Bill Discounting


For Working Capital

For purchase of machinery,  equipments & Business Premises.

For Working Capital


14.00% p.a.

13.50% p.a.

14.50% p.a

Education Loan
To meet Higher Educational Expenses.
From 11.50 to 12.00% p.a.
Consumer Loan

For purchase of House Hold Articles. I.e. T.V., Music System, Fridge, A/C, Washing Machines, Cooking Range etc.

14.50% p.a.
House Repair loan
For Repairing / Renovating House
14.00% p.a.
Vehicle Loan for Business
Vehicle Loan for Business

For purchase of new or Old Vehicle for personal use or for Business

14.50% p.a.
11.50% p.a.
Loan for New Auto Rikshaw
Loan for Old Auto Rikshaw

For purchase of new or Old Auto Rikshaw

14.00% p.a.
15.00% p.a.